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Your customer’s demand more – manage and optimize all your conversations in a meaningful way whether they are coming from phone, email, social media conversations or consumer reviews. Ready for the new playbook?

Need a cost effective solution to optimize your call center?

Our tools are turnkey for novice and experienced workforce management professionals alike.


Hold on to your customers with our breakthrough contact center reporting platform. Our tool is the perfect solution to manage the KPI measurements you manage.


Take a step ahead in time with our proprietary agent management software

Make more meaningful data-driven decisions when scheduling your agents productivity. This calendaring software allows for complete optimization of agent’s ability to meet the demands of your customers. Take a hands off approach now and contact us for a free demo.


Keep up with the demands of your contact center with the industry leading worforce management software.

No more guesswork – your forecasting/scheduling traffic team no longer looks like the 5 o’clock weather desk. Our innovative technology and algorithm schema ensures all forecasting is based on real data, not guesswork. Create scenarios and schedules with multiple possibilities, and then let the data make the decisions based on your objectives. Call for a quote and consultation.

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Industry leaders have relied on us for over 35+ years for our progressive approach to building and leading high performing contact centers.

Call us today to discuss your strategic vision, assessment of your current state, and recommendation for long term stability and success. Our team has over 35 years of experience managing, consulting, and implementing world class solutions for the contact center industry.

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TorqueWorx doesn't focus on one single point. They have the resources to understand, integrate, and implement innovative solutions that will make your contact center stand out from the rest.
Bill Smith
Executive Vice President & Owner,
Telecom, Inc.

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